Protest to support Kashmir

As Netanyahu campaigns for re-election, he is displaying a huge poster of himself shaking hands with Modi of India. The parallels between Israel’s occupation of Palestine and India’s occupation of Kashmir are huge. Both leaders use ethnic nationalism to promote their own popularity. They both ignore the wishes of the UN. Netanyahu of Israel refuses to let Palestinians return. Modi of India refuses to let the people of Kashmir decide their own future in a referendum. Both leaders are using military power to inflict a violent occupation on a largely powerless people.
Modi has just abolished article 370, which gave Kashmir a small degree of autonomy. He has increased size of the occupying army and arrested 800 Kashmiris. There is a demonstration against the occupation of Kashmir next Saturday, 31st August at 12.30pm in the Peace Gardens. Come, join this demonstration in support of self-determination and against sectarian oppression.

Small Park Big Run

Small Park Big Run

At the end of the Small Park Big Run, some of the runners posed behind the huge Palestinian flag (on their way to tea and cake.). One runner was given a special welcome, Becky had walked the whole 24 hours!!. After the run there was a telephone greeting with co runners in Palestine. A special moment was shared when Palestinians in Gaza wished their friend and comrade Graham well. His health has prevented his running. At the end of the run there was a fun run/walk open to all. Naturally the kids set it off. We were very pleased to have Sheffield Lord Mayor, Tony Downing, attend and start the fun run.

Solidarity on the way to tea and cake
The start of the fun run
Special welcome for Becky wo walked for 24 hours
Live linkup with Gaza special greeting for Graham.

HSBC Protest

On Saturday 1st June we protested outside HSBC on Fargate. HSBC ptofits from the arms industry. Specifically it profits from arming Israel. A presence on the street enables us to talk to members of the public and explain the nature of the oppression of Palestinians, and the British Government’s support for Israel. Join us the first Saturday of each month.