Film: Broken + Q.&A. with director, 5pm Wednesday 13 November @ the Void, Owen Bldg, Howard Street, Hallam University, S1 1WB

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In 2002, the Israeli government began the construction of a 700 km-long wall in the West Bank on the Palestinian side of the “Green Line”. Two years later,  the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in its Advisory Opinion declared the construction of a wall within occupied Palestinian territory illegal. The wall is now near completion and Israel faces no sanctions. Inspired and produced by a former UN expert on monitoring the humanitarian impact of the Wall in the West Bank, this compelling documentary traces the broken promises and a tangled web of law, politics and brute force. The filmmaker documents the consequences of the Wall on the people whose daily lives are affected, along with candid testimonies from internationally renowned law experts, ICJ judges,diplomats and the Israeli military officer who built the Wall.

The film won Special Mention and  the Audience Award at Al Ard Film Festival, Italy.

Organised in collaboration with the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice and Palestine Education Network.

Dir Mohammed Alatar | 2018 |52 mins

Jazz for Palestine, with Samer Rashed and trio 7.30pm Friday 29 Nov @ the Hubs

The success of his first album led Samer to launch his second album in 2019, Tales of the Gypsy Jazz, which includes seven of his compositions in gypsy jazz music and incorporates unique instruments such as the buzuq and the accordion.

Tales of the Gypsy Jazz includes a diverse range of upbeat and presents yet again an unprecedented employment of the viola as the key instrument in this genre.

The Stage, Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union (The HUBS), 6 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2QJ

£5 students and on benefit,  £12 all other


Students meet Andrew Feinstein @ Hallam

Students from the two Sheffield universities and towns people attended the screening of Andrew Feinstein’s film, Shadow World, on 16th October. It was followed by a discussion with the director. The documentary explores the arms industry and the arms trade, showing the huge profits they reap at the expense of peoples lives – mostly in the Global South – and relying on kick-backs to the political elite. The issue has a particular relevance for Palestine because Israel’s arms industry, a branch of the highly integrated Western arms industry, has rapidly expanded over the past two decades, in large part by experimenting and developing its weapons through repression of the Palestinian people. A sales pitch of Israeli arms manufacturers is that their weapons have been tried and tested on the Palestinians – the leathal consequences of which are only too well known.

In the wake of the meeting the students decided to set up a group to investigate the two Sheffield universities’ involvement in research that is complicit with the arms industry.

Sheffield City Council adopts Flawed IHRA definition of anti Semitism

We in PSC fight for justice for Palestinians. Jews in this country are not responsible for the oppression of Palestinians. We object to the structures and policies of the state of Israel that lead to the oppression of Palestinians inside Israel and the West Bank and Gaza.

We do not object to the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism. We do strongly object to the clauses. One states that saying that Israel is racist can be taken as evidence of anti-Semitism. This clause has led to the banning of basic Palestine solidarity activities. Please read our statement and make representation to your councillor. Our comments during the council debate can be seen here after an hour.

Palestinian Child Prisoners

There was a meeting on Friday 27th at the Showroom.  .

Sadly, due to the chaos in London Louise Haigh, MP for Heeley, could not attend.  She did send a message of apology to the meeting and a strong supporting statement.

According to International Law, a child is defined as a human under the age of 18 years. Under Israeli military detention, Palestinian children as young as 12 are routinely:

• Taken from their homes at gunpoint in night-time raids by soldiers.  • Blindfolded, bound and shackled. 

• Interrogated without a lawyer or relative being  present and with no audio-visual recording.

 • Put into solitary confinement. 

• Forced to sign confessions (often in Hebrew – a language they do not understand).

The treatment of Palestinian children is in marked contrast to the treatment settler children.  There are separate courts, separate treatments and separate laws for Palestinians and Israelis. 

See here for more information.

The following films were shown.

  “Children in Chains” Jon Pullman 22 mins   

“Detaining Dreams” 21 mins long    

Rafeef Ziadah – short poem –  “We Teach Life, Sir!” 

Small Park Big Run

Small Park Big Run

At the end of the Small Park Big Run, some of the runners posed behind the huge Palestinian flag (on their way to tea and cake.). One runner was given a special welcome, Becky had walked the whole 24 hours!!. After the run there was a telephone greeting with co runners in Palestine. A special moment was shared when Palestinians in Gaza wished their friend and comrade Graham well. His health has prevented his running. At the end of the run there was a fun run/walk open to all. Naturally the kids set it off. We were very pleased to have Sheffield Lord Mayor, Tony Downing, attend and start the fun run.

Solidarity on the way to tea and cake
The start of the fun run
Special welcome for Becky wo walked for 24 hours
Live linkup with Gaza special greeting for Graham.